Our 1st adventure at our new location at 444 Main St. is now open with more to come!

Escape Rooms by: Tactical Escape 101

Strategy, Teamwork and Fun... That is the name of our game!

1-833 -ESCAPE4

La Crosse's ONLY Escape room that allows you to CHOOSE a private booking only if you WANT ONE!

You are in charge at Escape-LAX! 

Never be forced to play with or without strangers! If you would like a private booking simply fill the room or select a private booking option if you WANT a private booking. If you want other players to have the chance to join you book your party or join one already partially booked!

Some guests need or want more people. You pick!

Reservations Now Available in our Back Stage Escape

Back Stage Escape: TRADITIONAL EXPERIENCE $20/player weekend $15 M-Th

You have auditioned and Earned your Big Debut! BUT WAIT...

The Door to the stage is LOCKED!

You are LOCKED IN YOUR DRESSING ROOM!!! Who could have done this???

That darn understudy! Escape in time to perform and earn your own Oscar!

The Ultimate Defusion- PREMIUM EXPERIENCE $25/player weekend $20 M-Th

You've done what you do every weekday... simply gone to work for the day.  You walk in your office and notice... The door slams and the evil begins! There is a BOMB by the light switch! Wait... What happened to the other offices? Are they all in the same boat? How do we find out if we are locked in? Now what??? Book NOW to find out!

TRAPPED: PREMIUM EXPERIENCE $25/player weekend $20 M-Th

You just had to go sneaking around that abandoned building... 

Race against Time... 


to see if you can escape before you run out of air!


OUTDOOR Community Scavenger Hunt Adventure #1 (1-4) players

60 minutes for you and your team of 1-4+ people to race ON FOOT around our community and find hidden clues to SAVE US!!!


OUTDOOR Community Scavenger Hunt Adventure #2 1-8 players

60 minutes for you and your team of 1-8+ people to race ON FOOT around our community and find hidden clues to SAVE US!!!


Our first Adventure is OPEN!

Pardon our dust but we are ready to open the first of our adventures! Best pricing in town and the newest escape room around will not disappoint!

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About Us


The FIRST Escape room in La Crosse

Serving La Crosse since 2016

New Location in 2018

Scaled Pricing to make your escape more affordable

A BALANCE of technology & hands on entertainment

Family Friendly

Outdoor options (Seasonal)

Premium vs Traditional Escape Rooms

A Traditional Escape Room

will have minimal use of technology, require teamwork, hands on tactile work and brain power.

Premium Escape Room will have everything a traditional room offers and includes more technology, WOW factor, immersion and will require a little different strategy.


  Because we LOVE both styles and believe you will too! 

About Us

We are the Fonfara Family. DEDICATED to our community through SERVICE and COMMITTED to bringing JOY to those around us. From our Family to our Employees and beyond we believe that Peace and Joy start with us. If you're looking for a great date night, a big party or a team building session, call us today or skip all the questions and reserve online  for your escape adventure.
Reservations are required so we can serve you in the way you deserve to be served.
100% guaranteed fun is on the way! Escape room in La Crosse.


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Escape-LAX by: Tactical Escape 101

444 Main Street, La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601, United States